Excel Sports Academy Team Football Training

With so many football teams at junior level now and with the continuous emergence of new clubs, football is becoming more and more competitive in every way, yet the preparation and delivery of training still remains the underlying factor to a successful club or team.

Success does not necessarily have to be interpreted as winning silverware and many would agree that football for our youngest of players should be about expressing themselves and simply enjoying the experience. Though this is true and something that should be always actively encouraged, the match itself, like life, is one big competition with the ultimate aim of winning the game, preferably by playing good football.

Organising, preparing, analysing and then continuously re-evaluating your coaching sessions is highly beneficial to every team ( and subsequently in understanding their own roles and responsibilties, every player ) but only works if the time and dedication is given at every session. We understand that at junior level, with coaching undertaken usually on a voluntary basis, the time in which to apply this is not always practical.

At Excel Sports we supply experienced coaching staff to deliver training not just to your players but in conjunction with you as the manager so that you develop as a coach and also understand the reasons behind the drills. The first session we attend is to get a “feel” of the players ability and understand where you, as the coach, want to take your players, identify areas of weakness that need addressing and reinforce positive aspects of their play whilst continuously “painting other pictures” for your players to show them alternatives that will appear during the game.

The cost for this service is £20 – £45 for a session ( maximum 90 minutes ) depending on age and travel distances and is available for any age group including adults.

Please call 07956 151559 for more information or to book a free trial